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SFF Academy: Train-the-Trainer, Exchange and Co-Creation… 

The SFF Train-the-Trainer empowers HEI academic and non-academic staff (incubator manager, consultants and experts) to engage with entrepreneurship tools that prepare students for a role as Entrepreneurs by providing a broad range of competencies and thus contribute significantly to professional and personal development. 
Further on, it contributes significantly to the capacities of non-academic staff in supporting startup teams to bring innovations to the market and find ways to collaborate and co-create with QH stakeholders. Through the Train the Trainer modules, an interdisciplinary orientation within the SFF Academy enables professors, lecturers, incubator managers and consultants to work together in a holistic manner, regionally and internationally, to bring forth social and technological innovations from HEIs to the market. The SFF Train-the-Trainer will strengthen the objective of professors and students to share their knowledge of various entrepreneurship and innovation tools that are applied beyond the SFF to support the development of local ecosystems and ensure exchange between ecosystems internationally. 
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