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The Start for Future program relies on the already existing potential, both on bottom and at the top by utilizing forces of entrepreneurial universities to connect young talents and start-ups with the assets of EIT KICs and its Industry partners, also to address the SDG’s and combine it with highly impactful, profitable and scalable business models.
A holistic, customised sprint framework, of the Entrepreneurship Alliance – a new paradigm, which leverages talents and startups, existing formats and infrastructure of steadily growing number of universities – and the EIT KICs (European Institute of Innovation & Technology, Knowledge and Innovation Communities), which add their vertical knowledge, partner networks, and systemic thinking, guides participants to push entrepreneurial activities and initiate co-creation to build and scale startup & innovation activities.
A joint network platform will lead the stakeholders with the integrated sprint framework through the phases and ecosystem, as to connect them with the right partners at the right time and at the same time provides new perspectives and innovation approaches by offering an Academy with an lifelong learning program, based on Micro Credentials for ecosystem stakeholders.

The Start for Future Academy currently offers two courses: 

Train-the-Trainer for educators within the SFF network and "Let's Get Real" course for early-stage startup teams and entrepreneurial individuals in the Phase 2: Match & Start program

Should you be interested in enrolling to the course, please contact [email protected]

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